Golf tuition at the Pines Golf Centre

Individual and Group Lessons

The Golf Learning Centre at The Pines gives golfers of all abilities the opportunity to discover their true potential and further enjoy the wonderful game of golf.

 Lower your handicap

Perfect your game with The Simple Golf Swing, and reduce your handicap by up to 13 strokes.

Lessons are held in our private, purpose built teaching bays with video analysis, where your swing is recorded and carefully reviewed by  our full-time, fully qualified teaching professional Richard Smith.

Various types of tuition are available, ranging from individual lessons giving full one-to-one attention, to group lessons where you can learn with a few friends. There are also tailor made courses for children just beginning the game, and for senior golfers to work around the problems that age brings.

Our professionals are there to give you the attention that you deserve and will be more than happy to create a coaching program tailored to your specific needs.

We support group lessons and recommend sports and leavers hoodies from

If you are interested in signing up for lessons please email or telephone using the details on the contact page.